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Arrest Records Search
Do you want to know how much time a person has been arrested and what was his
crime? Arrest records search is all about searching information about arrests related to
the specific individual. Basically the arrest records provide the information, when a
person was arrested. It is not necessary that every arrested person has committed the
crime. This is why arrest record is separated from criminal records.
Arrest record is not criminal record and it should not be confused with criminal record at
all because criminal record provides you information about crimes committed by the
individual while arrest record only provide you information, the individual was arrested.
Arrest does not mean that the individual has committed the crime. A person who has
been arrested could be found innocent of a crime. Arrest record could be part of criminal
record but it could be access individually if the person is not found guilty and has no
criminal history.

Who needs arrest record?
It could be anyone but mostly the new person introduced in your private and
professional life. For example when new family shifted to neighborhood or you hire a
babysitter. Many employers also required arrest record when they hire new employee.
Some people search for arrest record when they hire contractor for house renovation
etc. Basically you can access the arrest record of anyone, when you do not feel safe from
the person to see if the person is really safe for your family or not.
Other that above mentioned situation, some time the arrest and criminal record is
required for immigration purpose and some time the security check at airport required
you to clear your arrest record.

What does arrest records includes?
Just like any other public record, the arrest record is divided into two parts.

Personal information:
This section of arrest part includes all the basic and personal information about the
individual like, name, age, address, date of birth etc. The purpose of this section of arrest
record is to search the individual among millions. Without basic information you cannot
gather sufficient information about the individual because there are many people with
same name or even they could have same age. Basic information helps to find out the
arrest information about the specific individual.

Arrest record:
Once you confirmed the identity of person through basic information, the arrest record
helps you to know the crimes done by person due to which he or she was arrested. The
arrest could be happens due to number of issues like, traffic related crime, violation of
law, robbery, drug dealing, and alcohol related crime, theft, business or property related
crime etc. In simple words, it could be any type of crime due to which the person has
been arrested.
Further the arrest record also indicates the nature of crime committed by the person. If
the person really found guilty, the arrest record become part of criminal record while if
the person is innocent then the arrest record has been noted into separate document.
Arrest Search
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