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Court Records
Court records are official documents which has detail about proceedings and judgment
of a case in court. In most of cases it is allowed by Public Records Act of United States
that the court records should allowed for viewing to general public. If you have ever
been in court you would probably seen a person who is recording each and everything
thing spoken in court room, that person is called court clerk and the stuff he is writing is
called court of record. Court records are all about that records written by court clerk
who is also known as court reporter.
It is not necessary that every court record is related to criminal record or arrest record.
Just like arrest record, a person can be appear in court for non criminal reason as well. It
could be anything like, person appear in court for adoption of kid, marriage and divorce
etc. Traffic tickets does not really seems to be crime, so if a person has court record due
to traffic tickets or speeding then it does not make him criminal at all.

Who needs Court Records?
People want to access court records for many reasons. They help you in a lawsuit to
learn more about your ancestors. Layers required court records to show in court during
their proceedings. You probably would like to see the court record at the time of sale and
purchase of property or any other expensive things to confirm that the item and
property is clear from court record etc.
Many people also interested to search about court records of people they are hiring for
work, babysitter, neighbors or even some people search court records for fun and
gather general information about different cases.

What does court records show?
Court records show each and every thing related to court. But before that part, court
record has separate section of personal information about person. It contains full name,
date of birth, age, gender, marriage status, phone number, address, and all the
information which helps to identify the person. Except this the court record has the
following things:
Current and past court warrants
Records of court proceedings
How many time a person appear in court
What was the reason of being in court
What was the result of case proceedings
Name of relevant individuals
Addresses of people relevant to the case

In most of cases the traffic courts does not record anything except the result of case but
you can also see the more detail about traffic courts if it is allowed by the law of state to
record the proceedings. But still the traffic courts and other types of small courts like
small claims courts does not really have so much information to record because the
nature of these crimes does not really count a crime.
The court records could be in more details, but it does depend on the nature of crime or
purpose of appearing in the court.
It could be very difficult to find out court records for specific case just by typing the
name of person, but now with the growth of technology, it is very easy to find out the
court record of a person just by typing the name. But still it could be difficult to find out
the exact person's court record if there are more people with same name and age. But
through our website, you can find out the court record just by typing the first and last
name. The search result will show you the most relevant information like age, address,
relative names, job etc which will help you to find out the exact person's court record
you are looking for.
Court Records
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