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Property Records
Property record is a record which contains all the information about specific property
(real estate) including its ownership and other legal matters. Property record is the
record of anything types of real estate like, land, building, office, building, house
building, apartment or a flat in a building etc. These records are mainly recorded and
needed at the time of buy and sell of property. A person can easily check out all the
details regarding to real estate through property record.
Property records in not just the source to get information about the person but it can
also help to find out the missing person if the property records contain the chain of
owner’s names.
Who needs property records?
If you looking for the new home or land, you probably like to see the history of property
before signing the contract to know detail about zoning violation or any unpaid property
tax information etc. Property record also required for property assessments and for tax
purposes. In some cases people also need property records to search long lost relatives,
friends or family members etc.
You probably would not like to purchase a property which is already in bad debts or bad
credit history of mortgage. The property record is the only way to confirm such kind of
A lender also may required property record if he is providing loan on the base of specific
property because lending money on the property which is already labeled bankrupt will
not help to protect the lenders.
What does public property record contain?
Just like any other type of public record, the property record did not just contain the
only information about specific type of record but its main part is consisting on the basic
information about the person like, name, age, address, phone number, tax ID etc where
the other part of public property records contain the following things:
Property Title Deed
Who owns the property now
Who owns the land in past
Record of zoning violation
No. of properties own
Properties address
Types of properties
Satellite maps of properties
Assessor's parcel number
Property tax information
Mineral rights
Liens records
Fair value of property in active market
Size of the property
Sales history of the property
Mortgage and country records
It is not necessary that all type of property records contain the above mentioned things,
this could be vary state to state in United States of America because not all states allow
to provide access to each of these information while in some states more than these
points the other information also available.
Property records are available online to search the property by typing ID number and
other required details but our website could help you to find out the details about
properties own by a person or business just by typing his or her name in search bar.
Property Records
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